Agile Model

Agile Model

The popular model in software development industries that is Agile Model, it has dynamic nature and easy to performed. Agile Model mostly recommended to making critical and risk based software. It is a combination of incremental model, which is used in software development life cycle. Agile Process is working in the phases, it releases software after testing to check whether software quality maintained or not. It provides full freedom to the user to add requirement at any stage after release.

When to use Agile model

  • When new changes are needed to be implemented. The freedom agile gives to change is very important. New changes can be implemented at very little cost because of the frequency of new increments that are produced.
  • To implement a new feature the developers need to lose only the work of a few days, or even only hours, to roll back and implement it.
  • Unlike the waterfall model in agile model very limited planning is required to get started with the project. Agile assumes that the end users’ needs are ever changing in a dynamic business and IT world. Changes can be discussed and features can be newly effected or removed based on feedback. This effectively gives the customer the finished system they want or need.
  • Both system developers and stakeholders alike, find they also get more freedom of time and options than if the software was developed in a more rigid sequential way. Having options gives them the ability to leave important decisions until more or better data or even entire hosting programs are available; meaning the project can continue to move forward without fear of reaching a sudden standstill.

Advantages of Agile model

  • Customer satisfaction, they can check software release and revert feedback.
  • In agile process mostly meeting arranged before product release.
  • More interaction maintained within developing and testing team in this agile process.
  • Customers can change or add requirements at any stage.
  • It concentrates on every process with expert team members.