Manual Testing

Accomplishing a Manual Testing is equal to going back to the basics. It suggests testing the software without using any automated tool or any script. In this type, the tester takes over the role of an end user and examines the Software to identify any unexpected behavior or bug. There are different stages of manual testing like unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, and User Acceptance testing. Testers use test plan, test cases or test scenarios to test the Software to ensure the completeness of testing. Manual testing also includes exploratory testing as testers explore the software to identify errors in it. However, the procedure is not a cakewalk as you might believe. For it to be successful, it needs to be highly interactive and essentially exploratory. We thoroughly study the system under test, develop test plan and define test cases for manual testing. It is very important to specify the minimum number of tests that verify the various options during manual testing.

To your assistance, Openxcell offers both the manual and automated testing service. We always make an effort to strike a pose in a way that each of these testing approaches is being employed for the relevant testing spheres. Also, elasticity and customization proclaim as our foundation values. After having unraveled all facets of the project through in-depth assessment, we go on to devise the test plan and define its test cases. All of this is done on the basis of the client’s brief and its distinctive requirements.