Usability Testing

This is a process done to expose the defects in the product pertaining to its usability. As we are living in an era of information sharing over the internet, new websites get launched almost every day. But, some of these in spite of having an attractive layout fail miserably due to navigation difficulties by the end user. Same fate can be of a newly launched mobile application even. At Ebrain Technologies, we offer world class website usability testing as well as mobile usability testing services to rule out any such incident. It is better to do software testing in the initial phase of the product development to save both time and money.

Methods of Usability Testing

There are two methods available to do usability testing

1.Laboratory Usability Testing

2.Remote Usability Testing

Laboratory Usability Testing

This testing is conducted in a separate lab room in presence of the observers. The testers are assigned tasks to execute. The role of the observer is to monitor behavior of the testers and report outcome of testing. The observer remains silent during the course of testing. In this testing both observers and testers are present in same physical location.

Remote Usability Testing

Under this testing observers and testers are remotely located. Testers access the System Under Test, remotely and perform assigned tasks. Tester's voice , screen activity , testers facial expressions are recorded by an automated software. Observers analyze this data and report findings of the test.