Database Service

We provide service across varied database platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and My SQL.Including database installation services, database design services, tuning services and backup strategies.
Database Monitoring Service

Ebrain Technologies database monitoring for MySQL,MongoDB and other open source databases ensures the uptime of your applications by
detecting problems and alerting administrators before they become business-impacting issues.performance monitoring
ensures that your applications are providing the best customer experience possible.

Database Upgrade Service

A database upgrade or migration is a critical activity which companies have to undertake from time to time. Our DBA services include database upgrade starting from version 7.1.6 up to the latest 11g.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Service

We have proven experience in Remote management of successful disaster recovery and database backup mechanisms. Our DBAs restore complex databases quickly to keep your businesses up and running in the shortest turn-around-time.We use synchronized and asynchronous replication techniques,backup administration for successful data backup in our services.

Database Maintenance

Database maintenance services refer to the process of maintaining the health of the database systems,as it is critical to continue to run at best possible performance. These activities must be scheduled to perform on a predefined basis. Further to the achieving optimal performance of the database, maintenance also includes the conservation of database documentation and maintaining custom databases that are efficient, robust and secure.